Analysis and Auditing of the existing systems

This is a ‘step-back’ evaluation of all components of Geological Information Management Systems (GIMS), including

  • workflows and procedures,
  • computer hardware,
  • computer software, and
  • user skill level.

All the stages of geological workflows are analyzed, from planning of drilling through to interpretation of the collected geological measurements and observations. The information about collecting, recording, storing, extracting, and processing measurements and observations is gathered on site by interviewing the users and analyzing the components of the existing systems.

Our aim is to determine if things work as they should, in particular to discover

  • critical inefficiencies resulting in data flow bottlenecks (such as double handling of data or obsolete technology)
  • loss of information value, integrity, and security of data due to unsafe or incorrect data handling practises
  • significant user skill deficiencies in operating and administering GIMS.

The findings are delivered to our customers as written reports with structured layout and abundant flowcharts.