Implementation of systemic upgrades

Each Implementation project is governed by the principles of fiscal and temporal discipline, such as:

  • Realistic financial budget and deadlines, resourcing, progress milestones, and tangible deliverables agreed on with the client upfront
  • Efficient project management based on transparency and good communication with the client
  • The typical stages of our implementation projects include:
    • Detailed scoping of work documented in a mutually binding blueprint report
    • Prototype Development and fine tuning in order to verify functional capabilities in client’s real-time / real– life environment
    • Rollout on site in production environment
    • Delivering written technical documentation of the implemented functionalities
  • Training and socialization of the users with the new system
  • Quality assurance guarantee—we rectify any software bugs introduced by Advanced DataCare promptly at no charge to our clients
  • Ongoing support after handover — we are here to help whenever you need us, we pride ourselves in a prompt hassle-free, personalized responding to your questions and to the problems that you encounter